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HDPE duct products including: Telecom innerduct, Permaguard duct, and water distribution and pressure pipe. They also have a complete lineup of cable lubricant, duct accessories, couplers, chemical sealants, pull tape, pulling accessories, swivels, pulling equipment, hydraulic winches and air assisted cable installers. The Maxtrak is one of their best selling Air Assisted Push/Pull devices.


Mulberry Metal Products

Wall plates, marked plates, weather proof covers, mounting strap, rubber telephone grommets, reducing washers and knockout seals.

Eastern Die Casting Inc.

As of December 31, 2003, EDC has decided to exit the electrical fitting market until further notice. They used to produce some of the finest Zinc die cast fittings in the industry. Their product offerings were FS boxes, cable connectors, service entrance caps, lamp holders, covers and sockets as well as weather proof junction boxes and covers.

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