Henderson Oliver Sales Ltd.

Representing Market Leading Manufacturers for over 60 years.

Henderson Oliver Sales Ltd. is a Manufacturer’s Representative and Master Distributor. We supply over 1500 different items to over 400 electrical wholesale outlets across Canada. We also sell directly to the telephone, catv, construction contractor, and power utility markets. The majority of our products are sold through distribution.

If you are a distributor and are interested in setting up an account with us please contact Steve Elliott.

What Do We Provide?

We have specialized in cable protection and cable installation type products. We supply a wide range of conduits, fitting, boxes, fixtures, electrical tape, sealants, duct plugs, ducts, coilable duct, cable lubricants, winches, air assisted cable installation equipment, pull tapes, ropes, slings, hand cleaner, cable cleaner, and cable swivels. We also have a variety of other products which do not fit into the category of cable protection but are sold to the same customers. An example would be Hydro Automation and control equipment for power utilities.

How We Serve

Most of our products are manufactured in the United States or other countries and are imported by us for sale in Canada. We take care of all the freight, duty, customs clearance and warehousing issues. If you have a product that requires a marketing plan for Canada, we can establish a program for you and sell your products into the Canadian market. We also provide offshore sales and support.

Many of our orders are shipped from inventory and most orders are shipped the same day the order is received.

We pride ourselves on our excellent service and competitive prices. The combination of integrity, fair prices, adequate stock levels and quality of products has kept our customers coming back for 40 years.