Henderson Oliver Sales Ltd.

Representing Market Leading Manufacturers for over 60 years.

Manufacturer’s Representatives and Master Distributors serving Market Leading Manufacturers in the Electrical Distributor Market and in the Telephone, Power Utility and CATV Construction Markets.

Henderson Oliver Sales Ltd

Henderson Oliver Sales Ltd. has been in operation in Canada for over sixty years. We were founded in 1958 and the current owners incorporated the company in 1979. Our head office is located in Bolton, Ontario which is about 20 km north of the Pearson International Airport. We have a warehouse and employ 10 people out of the Bolton office.


We have specialized in cable protection and cable installation type products. We supply a wide range of conduits, fitting, boxes, fixtures, electrical tape, sealants, duct plugs, ducts, coilable duct, cable lubricants, winches, air assisted cable installation equipment, pull tapes, ropes, slings, hand cleaner, cable cleaner, and cable swivels.

We also have a variety of other products which do not fit into the category of cable protection but are sold to the same customers. An example would be Hydro Automation and control equipment for power utilities.


We pride ourselves on our excellent service and competitive prices. The combination of integrity, fair prices, adequate stock levels and quality of products has kept our customers coming back for 40 years.